Showcase Submissions

Since UX Day Graz is a community event, we would like you to participate. Either as individuals or in small groups, we would like you to briefly introduce yourselves and what you do, by presenting in the Community Showcase session.

Showcase Presentations

We would like each person or small group to put together a five-minute presentation (a showcase presentation) of themselves and what they do in user experience (UX), interaction design, or usability.

By “small group” we mean:

  • an individual
  • a small group of work colleagues
  • a small research group
  • a small collection of individuals collaborating say on a project

The presentation should follow this structure:

  1. Who we are? (name(s) and affiliations)
  2. What we do? (UX philosophy at company/research group)
  3. Short Example of a UX Project:
    • Initial situation
    • Interesting or new approaches
    • Pitfalls
    • Message and findings

The idea is that everyone gets to know everyone else and something about what they do.

Showcase Submissions

Please prepare and submit your showcase video or presentation as follows:

  • Prepare your presentation or video in a commonly used format (with a commonly used presentation tool or codec).If, for some reason, we cannot play your presentation or video, we may have to ask you to convert it to a different format.
  • The presentation should be maximum five minutes long.
  • Fill out and submit the Google form at:

    with details about your presentation.

  • Your submission will be retrieved and reviewed.
  • Showcase Session places will be allocated to reflect a balanced selection of topics and groups, the quality of submissions, and the order of receipt of submissions.
  • The showcase presentations will be recorded and the video recordings later placed on the UX Day Graz 2015 web site. By submitting a showcase presentation, you give your permission for us to record and publish your presentation.
  • Showcase submissions may be rejected due to technical limitations or at the discretion of the organisers.

Please direct any questions to the Showcase Chairs, Elmar Krainz ( and Johannes Feiner (


The deadline for showcase submissions is Mon 7 Nov 2016 at 23:59 CET.