Designing Social and Emotional Robots

Designing Social and Emotional Robots

Christiana Tsiourti


I am currently a postdoctoral researcher on Human-Robot-Interaction (HRI) at the Vision4Robotics group at TU Wien (Austria). In 2018, I received my PhD from the University of Geneva (Switzerland). My research lies in the intersection of Intelligent Systems, Human-Robot-Interaction and Affective Computing.  My long-term goal is designing and developing social robots and virtual agents capable of engaging in natural and useful interactions with human users in real-world settings. Within this context, I focus particularly on the design of coherent social, and affective agent behaviours. I draw insights from theories of human cognition, emotion and social interaction to develop conceptual and computational models that support the complex socio-emotional interactions between humans and artificial agents. Over the past years, I have worked on several European research projects that developed and investigated the use of social robots and virtual agents as companions and assistants in real-world settings. Besides research, I am passionate about teaching HRI and HCI courses.  

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